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I remember thinking breakfast was a veggie-free safe space as a kid.


Sure, my parents could force me to eat broccoli or cauliflower at dinner with the threat of no dessert. And of course, someone always slipped some optimistic baby carrots into my lunchbox. But there was no veggie requirement for breakfast.

Pancakes and eggs came with bacon or sausage, not string beans or peas. No one ever insisted on a side of leafy greens with my morning cereal. In fact, the worst thing that could happen to a kid at breakfast was a fruit salad, which really wasn’t too dangerous.

Fortunately, I grew out of my veggie-phobia, and now I actually use breakfast as a chance to get ahead on my daily veggie intake. This baked vegetable omelet is the perfect way to pack tons of veggies into your morning.

This baked breakfast is filled with onions, green peppers, and baby spinach. But you don’t have to stop there, there’s plenty of room to toss in your own favorites. Since I’m a huge mushroom fan (my younger self would be shocked and disgusted) I usually slice up a few and toss those in too. Red and yellow peppers can add some flavor and color, and even some chopped broccoli can be a great addition for you cruciferous die-hards.

Of course, not everyone gracefully ages out of their vegetable-phobic childhood to become full-fledged veggie hounds. For some of us, veggies are still more of an obligation than a treat. But fear not. Remember when you were little and your mom would smother your veggies in cheese to get you to eat them? Burying your veggies in an omelet has more or less the same effect. With warm baked egg and low-fat cheddar cheese, even the pickiest of eaters may find these veggies a little more appealing…Even if that picky eater is literally thirty years old and coming over for Sunday brunch. (There’s one in every friend group!)

Anyway, while this baked vegetable omelet may take a little longer to cook (40 minutes in the oven), it requires less finesse than your traditional omelet. For this recipe, just combine the ingredients, pour into a pan, and toss in the oven. It makes for a great weekend or holiday brunch, or bake ahead and reheat for a quick weekday breakfast. Either way, this recipe is a delicious, painless way to start off your day on a nutritious note. Veggies for breakfast may not be required, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to get a head start.

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