8 Skinny Recipes For Quick and Easy Breakfasts

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Breakfast, as they say, is the most important meal of the day. However, all too often, I find myself skipping this meal. Sometimes it’s to save the calories for lunch and dinner, but more often it’s to save myself time when I’m running late for work. It’s never a good idea, and I’m so disappointed in myself every time I do it.  Skipping breakfast definitely causes me to overeat later in the day, and it usually leads to unhealthy snacking choices. The solution? These skinny recipes for quick and easy breakfasts have saved me more than once.

Boasting less than 450 calories is not the only thing we love about these breakfast recipes. They’re also super quick to throw together, making them an easy option for weekday breakfasts. These skinny recipes for quick and easy breakfasts prove that healthy breakfasts don’t have to require a lot of effort, so let’s dig in and check them out!

1. Greek Egg Muffins

Nothing says good morning quite as well as a tasty egg muffin. We’re not talking the fast food variety, either! I love making a batch of these on Sunday night so I have them as a quick and easy breakfast option all week long. It certainly doesn’t hurt that this skinny 45-calorie package is low-carb and boasts 5 grams of protein per serving, too. Don’t be afraid to break the breakfast rule and eat these for a snack, too.

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