7 Easy Breakfast Recipes for Thanksgiving Morning

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Don’t forget about Thanksgiving breakfast! Here are seven great ideas, from make-ahead frittata squares to mojito smoothies.

We spend so much time planning Thanksgiving dinner that breakfast is often neglected. A good breakfast, though, is part of a winning strategy.

Starving yourself for turkey won’t help—especially if you’re charged with all the cooking. No one want to pass out face first in their gravy.

Here are seven breakfast recipes to start your holiday off right.

1 Make-Ahead Frittata Squares with Spinach, Tomatoes and Feta: The egg lovers in your house will dig these make-ahead frittata squares. You will love them because there’s no crust involved.

It’s a simple process of chopping, whisking and assembling right in the pan. Cut baked squares as people arrive at the table, and reheat leftovers to your heart’s content (I could see this going from breakfast to lunch very easily).

This frittata also feels vaguely healthy in comparison to perhaps how the rest of your eating will go for the day. Hey, it’s about balance, right?

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