4 On-The-Go Breakfast Recipes You Should Make This Week For Weight Loss

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Let’s get something straight: “Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more successful at losing weight – and maintaining their weight loss – than those who skip it,” says Colette Heimowitz, a nutritionist with Atkins Nutritionals. If you have to rush, please do not leave the house without bringing along a healthy breakfast. It’s not ideal to eat while distracted but a morning meal is that important! Heimowitz says your breakfast goals should be to control carbs and sugar and get sufficient protein, fiber and healthy fats. This will make sure you stay satiated and energized. Use these recipes for inspiration.

Peanut Butter & Jelly Date Smoothie, Minimalist Baker

Many of the pre-made or made-to-order smoothies in cafes are loaded with sugary fruit juice, “healthy” add-ins and protein powders that have a laundry list of unpronounceable ingredients. Making a smoothie at home is simple and insures you know exactly what you’re sipping. Feel like a kid again when you drink this take on the classic peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Nut butters provide protein but we’re often warned to stay away from them. Why? Some people (yes, us) can’t help eating the entire jar in one sitting. This smoothie is a good way to have your nut butter without going overboard. The sweetness comes from pitted dates and anti-inflammatory blueberries (we love the frozen wild variety). Sub in any berry that reminds you of your fave jelly. And don’t leave out the flax seeds. They have a high concentration of plant-based omega-3s that have been shown to increase good cholesterol and decease the bad. It also reduces inflammation and in turn reduces storage of fat. Flax doesn’t have a potent taste so you won’t compromise the flavor of your smoothie.

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