3 Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day Off Right

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Breakfast is one of the most misunderstood meals of the day. You have so many people weighing in with opinions ranging from very specific rules of what to eat, all the way to skip breakfast altogether.

You’re being told to eat carbs in the morning so you can “burn them off” during the day. Hotels provide a “light and healthy” menu consisting of berries and yogurt. As of late, you are hearing all sorts of influential podcasters and fitpros telling you intermittent fasting is the key to losing weight and living to be one-hundred.

So what are you supposed to believe?

First off, when it comes to any and all nutrition advice, you have to know if it is grounded in science. I am talking tried and true, proven outside a handful of studies, information that is based on physiology. Don’t take advice from someone because they are a celebrity. Or trust someone’s opinion because they have a great body, or worse yet, something that “worked for them and will therefore certainly work for you”. Take advice backed by science and proven effective on mass numbers of people in the real world. We are talking about your health; be selective about where you are getting your information!

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