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You are going love these twenty easy keto breakfast recipes, especially if you’re sick of the same basic bacon and eggs for breakfast!

Now bacon and eggs with a veggie is alway my go to breakfast on keto, but I admit it can sometimes get a little boring. These insanely delicious keto breakfasts below are going help get you break out of your breakfast rut! I know sometimes it can get so hard planning out our meals, not to mention it can get pretty time consuming.

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On a side note, I always like to pick one of my favorite keto blogs that are featured within my post and  share with you guys why I love them so much. My hopes is you guys will find some new places to get some awesome keto recipe ideas!

When I first started eating keto, one thing I feel like I missed was comfort food.  Sure, we get the fattiness and cheese certain comfort foods have on keto, but sometimes I miss fried breaded food or foods that center around wheat products. Maybe you feel the same?

Cue Mince Republic, if you haven’t checked out some of Kayla’s keto comfort food, you are really missing out! Kayla has  keto friendly recipes of all your favorites: mac N cheese, tacos, biscuits and gravy, beef empanadas, pizza and more.

Oh and she has a lot of other yummy looking recipes too, but maybe I just have comfort food on the brain today lol.

Before I get to my keto breakfast list, I wanted to share with you guys my favorite keto power breakfast I make.

My Keto Power Breakfast Recipe

Everyday I start the day with bacon, eggs, mushrooms and spinach (notice how I snuck in some greens). It may sound basic, but the way I make is so satisfying and delicious.

You can make so many variations of this and use your favorite veggies, but this is my favorite. If you don’t eat pork, turkey bacon works as well.

The key to this breakfast is cooking the eggs and veggies in the bacon fat.  Here is a step by step for this power breakfast:

  1. Cook your bacon in a skillet on the stove. When your bacon is done about halfway, add your mushrooms to the pan. When I’m short on time, I don’t even chop the mushrooms, I just break them apart with my hand.
  2. Transfer your bacon to a bowl and add spinach to the skillet. Now you just have mushrooms and spinach cooking in the bacon fat.
  3. While the mushrooms and spinach are cooking, I like to shred or cut my bacon up.  Then transfer your mushrooms and spinach to your bowl.
  4. Now it’s time to make your eggs. For this dish I love making my eggs sunny side up or over easy because the runny yolk and bacon fat coat your entire dish and it is amazing.  You can make your eggs however you like, scrambling them is good as well.
  5. Finally, you are going add your eggs to your shredded bacon, mushrooms and spinach.  I like to cut my eggs up and mix everything together.  It is not the prettiest dish, but it is so tasty and I guarantee it will keep you full until your next meal.

Be sure to check out all these wonderful keto breakfast ideas.  Let me know how they turned out for you in the comments below!

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