15 Recipes You Can Make The Night Before So You Never Skip Breakfast Again

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Those of you who wake up every morning with the time and energy to make breakfast, eat it, get ready and leave for work on time- you are unbelievably determined, energetic beings and we hope to be like you someday. The rest of us, on the other hand, can count on our fingers, the amount of times we’ve properly had breakfast. While the jury is still out on whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it makes sense to start your day off with some food. The biggest problem we all face is the limited amount of time we have in the mornings, but this is easily solvable by preparing most of what you need for your breakfast the night before. If you’re not fully convinced yet, here are some recipes you can try out.

Overnight oats

This is possibly one of the easiest breakfast dishes you can make overnight and just wake up and eat – no heating or cooking required. With no cooking involved whatsoever and the freedom to add any toppings of your choice, from fruits to nuts to spreads, overnight oats make for a good, healthy breakfast option.

Six flavours in one, one for each working/college day


Another simple breakfast treat, all you need is a mason jar or a long glass to assemble it in and greek yoghurt (you can get away with hung curd). And once again, you can pick and choose the toppings you want, from fruits to nuts, cereals and granola, store in the fridge overnight, eat in the morning and go!

Yoghurt and muesli parfait

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